My oil pulling experience

I read a lot about oil pulling and decided to try it with coconut oil. The taste doesn’t bother me, but I have a really hard time concentrating on swishing.  I get busy thinking of other things and wind up just holding it in my mouth. I did notice how much cleaner my teeth felt and my guns stopped bleeding even though I did not get my teeth professionally cleaned for literally years. When I did have them checked they were amazed at the condition of my gums compared to my teeth.  I am careful to spit it into the trash to save the pipes.

That said, I was told that oil pulling does not loosen dental work. I believe that dental work in good condition is not loosened.   BUT, what seems to happen is that if there are cracks and/or leakage that are filled with guck, the oil pulls out the guck and loosens them. This is not really bad, but it can get expensive if it shows up all at once.

I chose to have my teeth pulled and dentures made. Are there toxic materials in my dentures? Probably. However, I never wear them at night and since I live alone, I don’t even wear them every day.  My first molars came in without the enamel closing, so I have had problem teeth from the beginning. Most of them are now just shells. Getting them fixed without root canals (horrible things that you can’t take out) was one the best fix them. I could get crowns, but they didn’t last long. In addition, one crown costs about as much as top AND bottom dentures.  This solution is not for most people, but it is my decision. So far I have an upper denture. I had eight teeth left when that was done. I have more bottom teeth. When they are down to a few I will get a lower. At that point I probably will need to wear them more. Hopefully that will be awhile yet.  I may have to invest in dentures made of safer materials at that point. At least now there are less toxins in my mouth, most of the time, compared to “silver fillings and gold crowns and inlays.