My Gym Membership

OK, you just got your new Medicare plan with its free gym membership, or free CD’s, or free equipment. How exciting!! You plan to go at least once a week starting the new year of right.

Reality check. You have to drive to the gym. It’s snowing or icy and you hate to drive in that. Maybe tomorrow. Then you sign up for a time for someone to show you how to use the equipment., right after the really sweaty, smelly guy gets off. The classes are at odd times or they are not interesting for one reason or another.

You looked at the CD/DVD options, and they have the same one you got last year. Or something for people more/less active than you are.

The equipment you already have or is so cheap as to be essentially worthless.

There is a better option. For less than the cost of driving to your “free” gym, You can be a member of an online gym. No weather issues getting there. No gas or parking issues. No one else’s sweat is on your equipment. The lessons on use are right there in your workout. There are workouts for all fitness levels; workouts for all parts of the body; workouts for when you really need to relax. There are even challenges for accountability and a phone ap.

If all this seems too much for now you can just buy a course. If you want something to get you going in the morning and cover all major body areas in a week, I would suggest the 5×5 challenge. If you haven’t been exercising at all and want to see if you will actually do the workouts not just pay for them, I would suggest Foundational Five plus.

If you know you will love this and want the best deal get the premium package. This is a yearly membership and also includes all the courses.

Yes, you guessed it. This is through my favorite gal. And, yes, I do get paid a small amount if you join. But, I have been doing this for a few years now. In addition to the convenience and price, my balance has improved. Also, I know how to move to avoid injuries. How great is that? Fit2b