My favorite exercise chick is Beth Learn. She aims her programs at moms. We are all moms right. True she is interested in those that are pregnant, soon to be pregnant, or recently pregnant. Obviously not me. However, her emphasis on strengthening your core is important for us senior moms too. I noticed right away that I had better balance.  I get the free gym membership with my Medicare advantage plan; but that requires driving 15-20 miles to it. It sometimes snows in the winter, and rains most of the rest of the time. The Membership is presently 14.99 a month plus a sign-up fee of $19. If you are sure you want to do this, you can save money by buying the Basic Yearly Membership.  I would spend more than that on gas in just a few trips. I can exercise at any time 24/7 without driving, much more often that is likely with either the time or money factor or driving to the gym. She uses a little more yoga terminology than I would choose, but she doesn’t use any of the spiritual components of yoga. She has yoga based workout, but she also has some completely devoid of those for those of us that are uncomfortable with yoga. And, she actually wears clothes. Not a burka or long dresses, you can’t show the correct form for exercise wearing either. But she isn’t wearing a leotard or skin tight tights either. Nice family atmosphere.

I especially love her foundational five. Actually she has a course that you can get separately that covers those along with a couple of others.  5 x 5 Challenge  Good place to start and then you can join when you can get a discount. Scots love discounts, right. Back to the course. The cost is less than the joining fee and you can wait for that discount. Again, this is aimed at the recovering from pregnancy body. However, it is also a good starting point to get in shape if the reason is just wearing out. It will help you regain your balance, improve your alignment (good for bone strength), and reduce your need to depend on depends.

I also have her 14 Day Neck Challenge  course as well.  That one is useful if you spend a lot of time at your computer. Doesn’t matter if it is work related, gaming, or looking at posts on Facebook.

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